Deciding to Decide

Deciding to Decide

“It is in your moments of Decision that Your Destiny is Shaped.” - Tony Robbins



Who makes the decisions in my life?

This could seem like an obvious question. Especially if you are a seasoned Christian reading this. You would say God makes the decisions, right? This might even be considered an obvious answer to this question. But what if I told you that, that obvious answer is wrong?


Indulge me as I ask “silly” questions if you will.

  • Did God decide what you are wearing right now?

  • Did God decide what you ate?

  • Did He decide when you should go to bed, or wake up?


You're probably asking yourself by now; “where is this going?”


This is just to show that  we make our own decisions, God is in control, yes. Yet, we still make the decisions. This is to say that; You are where you are now, and I am where I am at because of decisions you and I made, and continue to make. Yes God leads us (read; Psalm 23:2-3) but we still have to decide.


Decision making at pivotal points is found all over scripture.

  • David the shepherd boy- Yes, he is anointed, and yes He was chosen by God to be King. Yet when the opportunity was made available, the decision became his.  He arrives on a very dramatic scene. There is a man that’s tormenting and harassing his people. He decides to stick around and ask purposeful, intentional questions. He decides to make himself the solution to the giant problem. His breakthrough was wrapped up in every single decision that he was making at that moment, and the ones he was making in his alone time. ( Read 1 Samuel 17)


  • Rehab the prostitute- She decided to take a risk, and hide the spies. She made a decision to risk her life. She could have tried to make a deal with the king instead, and get money out of that situation; she was a prostitute after all. She was willing to do anything for money. Yet it seems like Rehab was willing to do even more for her soul. She wanted eternal life, more than she wanted financial security. Which, for whatever reason, is a decision she made in that moment.  (Read Joshua 2:2-21)


  • Hadassah who had to go by the name “Esther” to hide her identity and nationality. She already had a position yet her cousin Mordecai brings a crisis to her attention that she needs to attend to. Instead of sitting and waiting for the solution to fall from the sky. This woman had the wisdom to know that, decisions have to be made, and God’s power will manifest in those decisions. That’s faith. (Read Esther 4:12-17)


What I’m revealing to you my friend, is that we all have a decision to make. The questions, then becomes; how do I know if I am making the right decision? How do I make sure that it is God’s will? How do I know if he is my husband, if it's the right job, etc.?


Here are a few things that could help shed some clarity with all your questions and concerns:


  1. Process: The process that you take to get to your decision determines the decisions aligns with the heart of God. a) Is your heart desire to please God? b) Are you intentions to obey Him in all you do?. Whatever it is that you are faced with, it has to align with the word of God. If you are new in the faith, and you don’t quite understand His word yet, go to a spiritual leader, pastor, someone who is more mature in their faith and ask them to help you as you figure out what to decide. (There is obvious courtesy that we will have to have with this; clothing, house paint color, etc. is not something you should go to your pastors for. God is okay with you choosing your favorite color to paint your house. If it will not take you off track, ask your friends instead.)

  2. Heart: In order to make a Decision that is aligned with God’s will. It is crucial that my heart is first aligned with His heart. Well how does one do that?   a) We stay in constant communication with the Lord. We listen, and keep our focus on Him. b) We have trust in what He says. If He says He doesn’t lie, then that means He doesn’t lie. c) We read His word with a desire to understand His heart.



The only way one can know their Fathers heart and intentions is if they are always with their Father. When you spend constant intentional time with God, you will know what He wants you to do and what He doesn’t want you to do. Even with the “smallest” things, like which movies to watch and which not to, or music to listen to or not to. Continue making the decision to pursue God, because that is the only way to His heart.


    3. Worship: This is so key. Not just with a song, but with your life. When we live in a life dedicated to God, that automatically aligns us to His will. Worship clears our selfish ambitions and puts God at the center. It removes earthly distractions, and helps us focus on our purpose. Worship merges His desires to our desires.

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight. Do not be wise in your own eyes; fear the LORD and turn away from evil.”

Proverbs 3:5-7

The word ways in Hebrew is “darak” which means actions, acts, direction, etc. In this scriptural text the Lord is encouraging us to submit our decisions/actions to Him, and He will do the rest. Some of us have been waiting on God whilst God has been waiting on you to make the decision.

"You will live by your sword, and you will serve your brother. But when you decide to break free, you will shake his yoke from your neck." Genesis 27:40

Like Esau who had sold his birthright to His brother Jacob for soup, getting cheated out of his inheritance, we see him again, meeting up with his brother years later (Genesis 33:1-10). Jacob thinks Esau is going to kill him yet he gets approached with kindness and love. This is a man who decided after an incident that could have left him hopeless, and destroyed that he was going to make decisions to make him succeed. He decided to believe God’s promises over his reality, and Esau prospered.

Wherever life has you right now, you decide what happens next. Trusting God means trusting that He won’t leave you as you make life-altering decisions because that’s what he promised. You are not alone, in your decisions, actions, and thoughts, Jehovah Emanuel is with you. So from this moment on, be more intentional with the decisions you make. They do matter. So that when you are faced with a Goliath sized decision, it is not that “big” a deal for you because you have created a habit in your life; of pleasing God in all you do. Breaking free is a decision you can make today, free of addictions, free of depression; and God will do the rest.


Make a Decision to Decide today, your destiny depends on it.

Zintle is a graduate of the Chicago Masters Commission, and is currently an Intern for Radiant Women Ministries under P. Elizabeth. Zintle is a Life Coach, certified through Lets live Coaching institute and is affiliated with the Coaches and Mentors of South Africa (COMENSA), as well as the Federation for Nuero Linguistic Programming Coaching professionals (NLPCP). She also is a published author of a woman empowerment book "On Stiletto's".